About Us


Legalize They is an awareness movement and collective effort to educate the public and influence policy for non-binary, gender non-conforming folks. The trans/non-binary identity is constantly being threatened. Non-binary people in many states and beyond, face prejudice, job discrimination and healthcare discrimination. A percent of our proceeds go directly to organizations that are actively working towards a more inclusive future. We aim to make our products accessible to our community and beyond.  

We also lead education and outreach programs to the greater community, to teach and have dialogues with them about how to be a better ally.


Who We Are

Iso Mora (they/them/theirs, he/him/his) is a transgender, non-binary, special education teacher and school leader. They created Legalize They in hopes to bring more awareness, visibility and joy in the community.  They have faced a tremendous amount of prejudice and discrimination in their public life and career, a common struggle of the community. As a result they've created a non-binary teacher's alliance to promote awareness and education in the K-12 educator community and provide support for other non binary and transgender educators.  

Alex Mora (she/her/hers), queer co-founder of Legalize They, coined the slogan "Legalize Gay" for American Apparel in response to Proposition 8 (banning same sex marriage in the state of California) and mobilized every effort on behalf of the company to print and distribute the shirts freely in the streets to drum up awareness, conversation, and community around the matter. Fast forward 12 years, and she is happily queer married to Iso, a trans/gender non-conforming moonbeam. "Legalize They," in its first appearance, is a nod to that time and nostalgia. And although we won the battle for the right to marry, our transgender and nonbinary community faces discrimination federally and statewide. The Trump administration dismantled several rights that progressed healthcare and representation for the transgender and non binary community. We look forward not only to the work of our new administration, but to our collective work to expand the legal rights for non binary and gender non conforming people everywhere.

Legalize They is a queer, family owned business. We make each shirt made to order and value your business. Do you have a suggestion? Email us! Our mission is to validate OUR community (you). We are proud to support you and the collective (us) in the vision for a more inclusive and represented community.